VIDEO: Mesa/Boogie Announce the Release of "CabClone"

This is a first for Mesa/Boogie... CabClone is a passive Cabinet Simulator /Speaker +Mic alternative with a built-in amp load. 

This means you can use the CabClone connected to your amp speaker out and it will act as a load box and cabinet emulator to run directly into a mixing desk or into your computer audio interface for silent recording.

Mesa/Boogie say's that the CabClone is also “…a Compensated Headphone Driver that delivers a great sounding, great feeling, headphone-friendly version of your amp’s Tone”.

So, how does this work... 
 ...well, let's say you want to record via the CabClone but you still want to hear your amp through your actual speaker cabinet while you record. No problem, Mesa have thought about that too and included a Thru jack. You can also Mic the speaker cabinet and capture both at the same time. “It also offers options for live playing, whether you need to play ‘cab-less’ (direct) or you want both a direct sound AND a mic’d sound for your monitors, in-ear monitors or Front of House.”

There are 3 different cabinet emulation types to choose from Closed back, Open back and Vintage cabinet and there is also a ground lift control should you need it.


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