Blues Guitar Styles - Masterclass eBook...

Today marks the release of my new eBook... "Blues Guitar Styles - Masterclass"

This eBook is the compilation of dozens of Blues Guitar topics that I cover in my daily in-class sessions with my local students here at Creative Guitar Studio. The material has been organized both around helping students to fully comprehend how the harmonies of the Blues progressions operate and to help players move toward better rhythm and improvisation skills.

In the eBook I begin by running through the chords that are important in the world of Blues Guitar. After all, if you haven't got your rhythm skills up to snuff, not too many bands will desire to have you as a lead player! So, in order to help students with developing their skills here, the popular blues guitar chords are not only notated as diagrams but there are plenty of study exercises to help with their application. This section is covered in two chapters divided into the open blues chord types and the coverage of moveable Blues chord types.

From there we move along to all of the popular Blues Harmonies. These include the eight, twelve, and the sixteen bar Blues progressions. The Blues progressions are discussed both within key signatures, as well as, using Harmonic Analysis notation. By employing both systems the student will fully comprehend how the harmonies of Blues are applied.

The following chapters move through Techniques such as; Hybrid Picking, Fingerstyle, Slide Guitar and the use of alternate tunings. This is extremely important when it comes to Blues, since the techniques are invaluable for getting the Blues sound from the instrument. And, I decided to include the topic of slide guitar, because the world of slide is such a popular concept for the Blues style that it simply cannot be taken for granted, or overlooked.

The eBook wraps up with chapters dedicated to the direction of performing within various Blues styles and creating improvisation within them. It goes without saying that Blues is literally the style of improvising. Therefore, developing this important skill is crucial for the Blues enthusiast. The eBook covers all of the popular pentatonic scales used by Blues musicians. And, as one would expect, there are plenty of guitar licks demonstrating the use of the scales. Other vital areas include Blues phrasing and chord tone targeting, as well as, popular feels used in the associated styles like; Soul, and R and B.

I hope that you'll consider supporting my online guitar lessons project with the purchase of my new eBook. Many hours of work went into designing the eBook and recording the twenty-seven MP3 audio tracks that detail each of the TAB examples found within it. Every purchase helps to support the website and to continue to expand the Creative Guitar Studio online project.

Thank you for your interest and your dedication so far!
- Andrew Wasson
  Creative Guitar Studio


  1. So glad you've final released this. I'm off to grab a copy now!