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The TC Electronic Flashback X4 is a fantastic delay pedal that covers a wide spectrum of delay types but what the guys at Pro Guitar Shop wanted to do was to create a version that focuses on vintage delays called the TC Electronic Alter Ego X4. 

TC Electronic are known for building special runs of modified pedals for certain retailers such as Guitar Center and Pro Guitar Shop and PGS have, in the past collaborated with Empress Effects to create the amazing Vintage Modified Super-delay so they certainly know their vintage delay sounds.

Starting with the acquisition of several vintage delay units three years ago, they undertook the Alter Ego X4 project in the most organic way possible — deriving sounds from the actual units to be modeled.

Several classic units are represented within the newest Alter Ego: From classic units such as the Binson Echorec and the Roland RE-301 Space Echo to more obscure pieces such as the Watkins Copicat and the Tel-Ray Super Organ Tone, every flavor of echo is represented from every era of the delay continuum.

Binson Echorec 1
Binson Echorec 2
Electro-Harmonix blue face Deluxe Memory Man (chorus)
Electro-Harmonix blue face Deluxe Memory Man (vibrato)
Tel-Ray Super Organ Tone
TC Electronic 2290 with modulation
Reverse delay with modulation
Boss DM-2
Watkins Copicat
Maestro EP-2 Echoplex
Electro Harmonix Echoflanger (think The Police – “Walking on the Moon”)
Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Aside from the internal changes, PGS also worked with TC Electronic to give the exterior a completely original look which not only differentiates nicely from the original Flashback X4 but also has a very vintage look and feel to it. In fact, sorry TC, but I love the look of this pedal compared to the fairly boring look of the Flashback X4. I know looks aren’t everything but it certainly makes me want it more and those vintage delays sound fantastic. Great work TC Electronic and Pro Guitar Shop!


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