VIDEO: Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Lost Acoustic Blues" from 1987...

If you want to see or hear Stevie Ray Vaughan playing acoustic guitar, you have limited options.

There's his 1990 MTV Unplugged appearance, his posthumously released recording of "Life by the Drop," "Oreo Cookie Blues" (a 1985 Lonnie Mack recording) — and, well, maybe a few other dribs and draps here and there.

Which is why this recently posted clip of Vaughan — you never see his face in the video, but come on — playing 12-bar blues in E (of course, it's really in Eb) on a six-string acoustic guitar is pretty special. The clip is titled "Lost Acoustic Blues."

According to the info posted along with the video, the source is a 1987 French radio and TV interview. The clip was posted to YouTube in May 2013.

Sorry we didn't notice it till now!

[Courtesy Guitar World]


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