LIST: Which Bands were Banned in the USSR...

An interesting list from back in the days of the Cold War has recently re-surfaced, showcasing artists banned in the Soviet Union for many different reasons.

The Soviet government had a reputation of being extremely strict in those days, but the reasons why the musicians got banned from the radio is what will surprise you the most.

So as Consequence of Sound reports, AC/DC earned their ban for supposedly spreading neo-fascism, and so did Julio Iglesias. Furthermore; KISS were dubbed as nationalistic, whereas Pink Floyd were "interfering with foreign policy of USSR in Afghanistan." 

Additionally, Judas Priest got labeled for anti-communism, Van Halen were written off for anti-Soviet propaganda, Ramones and Sex Pistols were just "punk," (which was apparently a crime of its own), and the Village People, (those dressed-up guys performing "YMCA" and "Macho Man,"), got banned for promoting violence.

The rest of the list includes Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Talking Heads and more. Check it out below.


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