VIDEO Interview: Chris Cornell

In a recent interview by 

Soundgarden front-man Chris Cornell touched on several frustrating subjects close to him...

"The fact that I shaved my head showed up in a blurb in the entertainment section of the Time magazine. And I remember being disturbed by that," Chris told

"People really rely on this magazine for important international news - is that the best we can do?"

"All of our lives being musicians, killing ourselves to create music, and all they're writing about is who did what with their hair."

Noting that rebellion was clearly one of the driving forces for early Soundgarden, Cornell further explained, "A lot of times in popular culture bands start out that way, but if they become successful, they don't have anything to fight against anymore."

"Musicians are mostly nerdy guys that weren't good at sports, or were socially awkward somehow and ended up in bedroom listening to records and playing an instrument. Sometime when you're accepted, that edge goes away, but other times there's a conflict - oh, why now? You didn't like me then, so now my FUs are gonna get bigger. And I think Soundgarden was sort of one of those," the frontman concluded.



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