Music lessons teach more than music...

Teaching kids self-discipline and self-esteem is a reason parents will often site for enrolling kids in martial arts classes... However, Music Lessons can boast the same end results with an added bonus: your child will learn to play an instrument!

Research indicates that both listening to and playing an instrument can stimulate your brain and actually increase the capacity of your memory. For example, results from a study on 22 children, ages three and four, showed that pre-schoolers who had weekly music lessons had 34 per cent higher spatial-temporal skills than children who didn’t take lessons.

There are other benefits to enrolling in music lessons. Practicing music develops our self-discipline and organizational skills. It teaches us perseverance and enhances coordination. It can improve our mathematical ability, our reading and comprehension skills and musical studies can vastly sharpen our concentration. Music lessons provide an outlet for self-expression and will also help elevate our performance and social skills.

Whether your child is leaning toward piano lessons, electric or acoustic guitar, electric bass, violin, drums or vocal lessons, music lessons will provide the perfect environment for improving a huge number of physical & mental skills.

Today's music lesson rooms are stocked with all the necessary gear to help students succeed, including: amps, stereos, electronic drum kits with pads, keyboards, pianos, a computer, a printer, internet, and more. Generally, all you need to bring is your own instrument.

For those who want to try music lessons without having to invest in an instrument, many music stores offer an instrument loan program, (generally at very low fees). This will allow you to take home your instrument right away and use it for the for the duration of your introduction period until you decide if the instrument is correct for you.

Do your research, call around, and realize the studios with the lowest rates, don't always offer the best instruction, teachers & environment. If you're looking for an experienced instructor, (over 20 years teaching), you can expect to pay from $60 - 80.00 per hour. Be wary of very young, and inexperienced teachers (often with no formal education). If you're going to fork over your hard-earned money for lessons, the teacher should have at least a few years of formal education under their belt.


  1. I am 62 years old now. I started to play guitar at the age of 16 against my parents wishes . They thought that I was such a lazy student not making homework etc. music would prevent me from education. It had the opposite affect. I met other children who played music and were also much better students then me. With their positive influence I was able to get a very good engineering education and live a comfortable life. As for my guitar playing: I still play at home for my family and friends. I am not sure weather they appreciate it or tolerate it but it does not matter, It keeps me vibrant and busy at the age of 62.