Probably the Best Home Recording Blog on the Internet!

If you are a home-based recording engineer, producer, or just an 'at home jammer'... then the Bedroom Producer's Blog is the place to hit whenever you're searching for great recording tips, VST's, and home-studio information. Especially, what the latest goings on are in the world of free plug-ins and drum loops... this place is top of the heap!

For those of us that record at home, there can never be enough drum-loops, or quality VST's for important effects like; reverb, delay's and compressors. The Bedroom Producer's Blog keeps us up-to-date on everything "recording" related with plenty of posts to help us with all of our studio and project needs.

I discovered them a while back while randomly searching on-line for some new free VST Multi-band Compressor plug-ins for Adobe Audition CS6. And, wow was I ever blown-away... there were plenty posted on their blog to read reviews on and to try out.

Everything is easily found due to some their highly organized and categorized blog postings.

I highly recommend this blog for anyone who's working at home, (as well as, small studios too). there's just tons of great stuff on their pages.And, be sure to like them on their FaceBook fan page too.


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