New Documentary Claims: Kurt Cobain's Death Wasn't a Suicide...

Kurt Cobain's Death Wasn't a Suicide and Courtney Love Was Involved, New Documentary Claims...

An upcoming docudrama titled "Soaked in Bleach" takes on the matter of Kurt Cobain's death, focusing on the theory that Courtney Love had a big part in it.

Based on the official case files, audio recordings and expert testimonies, the film features several prominent police figures surrounding Kurt's case sharing their thoughts and experiences.

Tom Grant, a private investigator hired by Courtney to find Kurt, was the first one to point at Love, noting that her behavior was far from typical for a woman that had just lost her husband. "There didn't seem to be any sadness whatsoever," he said. "There was more to this than what I was being told"

"It's not very often that a private investigator accuses his client of committing a crime," Grant added.

"20 years later I remain professionally disturbed by the way in which the Kurt Cobain case was mishandled," said forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht.

As the film further points out, the authorities allowed the cremation of Cobain's body within mere six days and didn't take fingerprints from the shotgun for 30 days. Also, the frontman's death was ruled a suicide the same day he was found dead.

"To rule the case the same day and to make a public pronouncement is absolutely unacceptable," Wecht added.

Furthermore, forensic document examiner Heiddi Harrolson pointed at a practice sheet found in Courtney's backpack which contained different word combinations found in Kurt's suicide note.

"They [Kurt and Courtney] were in the middle of a divorce," investigative journalist Max Wallace added, just for Grant to chip in, "If Kurt Cobain commits suicide, Courtney inherits it all."

The film also features a phone recording of Love saying, "I can deny it, all the way to the bank and actually people will believe me if I deny it. All publicity is good publicity to a certain degree."

"I would tell you right now that if I were the chief today, I would reopen this investigation," retired chief of police Norm Stamper concluded.

Check out the official trailer below.


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