Music Industry Blaming Japan & Google for Falling Sales...

According to the latest International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) report, music sales fell lower scoring a 3.9% decline in 2013.

The reason being cited behind the drop can be evidently traced directly to Japan, (a country described as somewhat as an anomaly due to still having a strong CDs market). However, the country's CD sales have declined by massive 16.7%, impacting global CD sales...

As the report further reads, 'the sales drop comes as a consequence of Japan market's refusal to adapt to streaming and download services. In the other parts of the world, Europe reported a music sales jump for the first time in 13 years, whereas US sales got lowered by 3.4%.'

The streaming industry did make some impressive leaps in the I.F.P.I, report, scoring a 50% growth and crossing the $1 billion sales mark for the first time. If Japan's sales decline was omitted, the global music industry has even managed to grow in 2013, although by only a mere 0.1%.

As the Telegraph reports, further blame from IFPI is falling at the feet of global internet search giant, Google (and their video service YouTube).

The IFPI is blaming Google for playing a crucial role in the recording industry's decline. According to chief executive of IFPI, Frances Moore, over 100 million requests were sent to Google in 2013, demanding the removal of links which were leading web traffic over to illegal music postings.

Moore noted that, "to be quite honest we didn't see much effect of those notices," adding that "we hope that Google will realize that it's in its own interest to do more, but we're yet to see that ... Google could do so much more."

No mention was made within the report of the overall; quality, musicianship, depth, and /or substance of the music being released by the recording industries, 'corporate giants.' 


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