Mason Marangella's D.I.Y. Pedal-board Tips...

Mason Marangella is a Guitar rig-builder / developer working out of Point Richmond, California who is gaining a serious client base of the world's top guitarists. Described by those in the business as caring and passionate about what he does, in his relatively short history (having only really started in 2006) he has built up an exceptional reputation for professionalism.

His quality equipment builds, combined with his approachability and knowledge have allowed him to work with some of guitar’s biggest names including: Andy Timmons, Oz Noy, Michael Landau, Kirk Fletcher, Josh Smith, Matt Schofield and many others.

He doesn’t just work with pros however, he will work with anyone that is serious about building their ultimate rig and he due to this, he gets glowing testimonials from all around the internet. His pedalboards in particular are not only sonically brilliant, but a visual work of art! Marangella is a true master of his craft.

In his new YouTube video, he offers some great free professional tips for anyone building or who needs to update their pedal-board.

BIO: Mason Marangella began Vertex Engineering in 2006 as a small custom shop in Berkeley, California, taking on small electrical engineering and design projects from local recording studios whilst attending the University of California, Berkeley. Soon after, he started to work as a contractor and consultant doing ghost designs and collaborative projects in the pro audio, guitar pickup, effects pedal, and tube amplifier fields.

In 2009, after having worked directly with many local musicians and artists along with the experience of completing several electrical design projects for both large and boutique companies, he developed an understanding of what was missing and what needed to be improved upon with both effects pedals and rig integration with a specific emphasis on networking devices for the best possible sonic performance. This is when Mason expanded Vertex Engineering with a new division called Vertex Effects Systems, which would focus on designing and integrating electronic devices as a network of effects, customized for the needs of each player. Within one year Vertex Effects Systems had been commissioned to design custom devices and systems for some of the most prestigious musicians in the world.

By 2011, after a successful two years Vertex Effects Systems, Mason expanded another division of Vertex Engineering called Vertex Effects to design the highest quality effects pedals and modifications for both reliability and tone.

All Vertex products are hand assembled in the San Francisco Bay Area with premium handpicked components from only North American companies. Each product is built in small quantities and rigorously tested for the highest quality and consistency. In 2011 Vertex released the Vertex Axis Wah, Vertex BC109 Fuzz and the Michael Landau Signature Arion Chorus.


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