MTV’s Guy Code Blog Advises Readers to Go to Metal Shows to Pick Up Women...

MTV’s Guy Code blog ran an article this week entitled “Why Are There So Many Cute Girls At Metal & Hardcore Concerts Now?

The article begins by noting the increase in women, (excuse me — “cute girls”), at recent metal shows, (recent NYC gigs by Pig Destroyer and Dying Fetus are cited as examples), which, readers seemed to think, was a fair observation.

Metal journalists always love to make jokes about how the metal nerds have never even seen a woman before as much as the next self-deprecating Deicide fan, but there definitely have been more women at metal shows over the past ten years or so (not saying there weren’t women at metal shows before then, by the way — just that there’s been more women at shows).

So while most of the blog comments seemed to agree with heavy metal journalist Leyla Ford that it’s time to stop thinking of women in metal as women in metal, if the only point of the MTV article was “Hey, metal is not exclusively dominated by men anymore!”, and while, that in and of itself might not be especially offensive.... the weird part was a step-by-step set of, "Instructions," for how to 'pick-up' metal chicks at the shows!



  1. If you need, "Instructions," on how to pick-up chicks, you're pretty much NOT going to get laid any time soon. The best advice my older brother ever gave me was, "There are no pick-up lines." Pretty much just act like you don't fucking care, and treat woman like shit, and you'll have more bitches than you'll ever want. Chicks are fucking stupid and love being treated like garbage... why.... I don't fucking know!

  2. Hot Metal Bitches... Oh YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!