VIDEO: Joe Satriani - Private Guitar Lesson!!! is very cool to have presented this fantastic footage of an intimate private lesson with guitar virtuoso, Joe Satriani.

Produced by for and posted to YouTube just 2-weeks back!

Music: "Shine on American Dreamer" by Joe Satriani from "Unstoppable Momentum" Jam song is "Rubina" by Joe Satriani from "Not of this Earth" Live Photographs by Darko and Pamela Ashton.

Thanks to Mick Brigden and the Satriani Crew. And of course, Joe, for allowing us into his special world.


  1. Wow, very outstanding lesson by Joe, just demonstrating what makes him go above and beyond a conventional guitar player. I mean modes are pretty essential for a beginner player, but Joe really emphasizes how would you approach it musically, what is the whole deal of learning them.
    Also I cant stand that the guy performing the interview wont stop playing sometimes when Joe is actually speaking. Dude! Joe Satriani! I think he does´t get so much what Joe is saying, but you can tell the real insight that he has taken towards understanding music. .