VIDEO: 12-Year-Old Lorde in High-school Rock Band

A video clip of pop star Lorde fronting a metal band at the age of 12 has emerged.

The singer, (who is now 17 and whose single "Royals" has been a huge international hit), is seen in the video playing songs by the Cult with a rock band called "Extreme" at her high school.

They reportedly came third in the event. Lorde signed a $2.5 million publishing deal with Sony this week, being called a "once in a generation type artist" by the company's president.

 She's currently in her sixth week at the top of the Billboard chart, and remains the youngest
female to top the chart in 25 years. Can you imagine Lorde singing with a real metal band?

Does her fresh angle on pop impress you, or does it make you want to turn the radio off?

Let me know what you think of this next-gen pop princess in the comments. Watch Lorde with her metal band "Extreme" here:


  1. I must say I'm impressed! At first, when i listened to Royals, i really liked some parts of the music. Im into prog so im used to divide music by parts, sorry. I didnt pay very close attention to the lyrics but i remember i found them quite empty. But to answer your question Andy, I really like the turn she gave on pop, cool 2nd voices, interesting harmony.. Must confess it relieves me knowing she is into Dio ahah at least she wont turn into a all synths drumbeat thingy(i know, Royals has both)..