The new BIAS Processing Amp for iPad...

BIAS pushes the boundary, by focusing on just one thing, almighty TONE... 

BIAS is an Amp Processor app for iPad. It is marketed as the most complete, accurate, and versatile modeling available in the world. Reviews so far position it as an excellent amp modelling app especially for Metal tones.

Positive Grid have taken their original iPad App to the next level adding a new dimension to their amp modelling features in their new App called BIAS - which lets you decide which preamp and power amp tubes to use as well as position the mic placement.

More details are in their official press release, looking forward to testing this app!

Press Release: 
It’s official! Through a 30-second teaser video, Positive Grid announced their new product called BIAS to be released on November 12th. Of course, the teaser gives some hints about the product: it will feature preamp tube, mic and cabinet selection. Sources confirmed us that BIAS will also feature a significant sonic improvement and an astonishing collection of 36 fully customizable amps, something far beyond the actual category offer.

For the moment, the app will be available on iPad devices only... Video Below...


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