Motorhead Fan Banned From Wearing Band's Hoodie in School...

Motorhead fan Taylor Mathes was banned from wearing the sweatshirt of his favorite band in school due to the school officials labeling that renowned Motorhead Snagletooth logo as being too, "gang-related."

Young Taylor decided to share his run-in with the authorities with the band itself, who then posted his story and words of support via the official Motorhead Facebook Fan Page.

"My name is Taylor Mathes and today I wore my Motorhead England sweatshirt to school and I was sent to the office because of the Snagletooth logo on the front," Mathes explained... "I was then told that I could not wear it to school due to some relation to a gang. However I told them I'm going to continue wearing it and showing my Motorhead pride every day!"


The email to Motorhead on Facebook clearly struck a nerve for the hard rock legends, as the official response was soon to follow. "We spoke to Taylor and we support him 100 percent!" the announcement reads. "He's a cool kid and we are sending him a Motorhead Merch Package so he can continue to wear his favorite band proudly! We all have your back Taylor! Motorhead for life!"

And as if that wasn't enough, Taylor received words of support from the man himself - the one and only Lemmy Kilmister. "Taylor - Thank you for your diligent defense of Motorhead ... glad we're still worthy!" the frontman said. "Don't ever let the b-tches grind ya down! Lemmy."

The new Motorhead record, "Aftershock," is set for October 22 release featuring 14 new tunes.


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