7-Year-Old Jams-out on 'Stairway to Heaven'

If there's one thing that makes many amateur guitarists sick to the bone, it's seeing a little kid playing damn-near as good at them on a guitar.

 Okay, so this seven-year-old little dude might not beat Jimmy Page in a guitar shootout, but he'd certainly make the old rocker proud. Watch the clip below to see him in action - you might be surprised.

The stranger thing is that no-one knows who this kid is. The video was originally uploaded in 2007, and the original uploader doesn't mention where they found it. By now the young player will be aged around 13, and probably slaying at Battle of the Band contests at high school by now.

Rock on!


  1. One thing that is such bullshit about these kids playing in these videos is (#1). There's ALWAYS a backing-track that they're playing to, so you NEVER actually know how the fuck they're really doing. And, (#2). When you really listen closely, like really really listen, they are NOT actually playing all that shit-hot. Their timing is off, their feel is generally shit and they Fucking sound like a kid playing guitar to a album - just like I did when I was around their age! The internet is nothing but a massive Bull-shit fest. with these videos. I mean the kid is doing OK, sure... But, child prodigy - ummmmm, sorry but No Fucking Way!

    1. The left toe on this kid got more talent than you. Shut up.