GUITAR WORLD: Compiles their 10 Classic TV Theme Songs Where Guitar Is the Star!

Sometimes the best part of an old TV show is the music running over the opening credits...

Maybe we didn’t notice it at first; perhaps we were too busy stuffing our preteen pieholes with Twinkies or ogling the jugs on Ginger, Chrissy, Batgirl or Brenda as hey jiggled across our screens. But it was there.

With this in mind, and in hope of redeeming ourselves slightly for our cathode-ray binges, we set out to find TV themes that contain cool guitar work. (And yes, we're using the word “cool” loosely.) Now pass the remote… Baywatch is on in five!

10. "Simon and Simon"

Ah, the vaunted “private investigator” genre. Ripping yarns, funny gags, head-scratching cases, despicable bad guys! And for once, a cool theme song reflecting the yin (streetsmart Rick) and yang (booksmart A.J.) of those crazy Simon brothers!

09. "The A-Team"

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire … the A-Team. And if not, at least you’ve got this cheesy hard-rock riffing that provides the perfect backdrop to Mr. T & Co.’s explosions and rapid-fire machine guns.



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