VIDEO: Alice Cooper's opinion regarding the state of rock music

Alice Cooper gave his honest opinion regarding the state of rock music and young rock bands, which he considers as far less rebellious than they should be to be called a, "Rock Band."

Cooper focused on several specific acts he sees as the most problematic in the new 'rock domain,' singling out the, Lumineers and, Mumford & Sons.
"I just feel like this whole generation needs to eat a steak," Cooper said during a recent Fuse interview. "Maybe they just need to quit eating vegetarian food and get out there and get some blood pumping in their system. Rock 'n' roll is not about 'happy, happy, happy, everything's OK.'"

After calling the Lumineers a "great clog dancing band" and saying that "there's a place for that," the singer focused on Marcus Mumford and co.

"Mumford & Sons are great at what they do, but it's not rock 'n' roll," he stressed. "Don't call it rock 'n' roll. That's an offense to rock 'n' roll."

Cooper was then asked to give his opinion on the modern rock bands, pointing out once again his lack of understanding for the latest folk rock trend and the desire of young rock musicians to fit in with the rest of the society to such extent.

"If you're in a band, you're an outlaw. You don't play by those rules, you're an outlaw," the frontman said.

After demonstrating how a guitar should be held in rock 'n' roll and giving an example of the attitude and lyrics today's rock bands have, which can best be seen in the clip above, Cooper concluded that if modern acts don't want to be rock 'n' roll, then all the better.

"That's better for us, 'cause there's more for the Foo Fighters, more for Green Day, more for the bands that really are rock bands. I don't understand why everybody is so afraid to be in a rock band," the singer concluded.


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