Spanish Musician Creates Ceramic Guitar!

Spanish singer/guitarist Luis Martin presented a fully functional ceramic guitar in a town of Talavera de la Reina, expressing hope that the axe he made will help the town's dwindling ceramics industry.

The guitar took about a month to produce and will hopefully attract new buyers in the same manner glass guitars have built up their own industry.

"In the 1950s lots of groups recorded in bathrooms because they had a special echo," Martin told Reuters. "I thought a ceramic guitar would sound good, especially as there are other ceramic instruments like flutes."
The town itself is renowned as the production center of the glazed tiles used in the decoration of El Escorial monastery and the Madrid's Royal Palace.

"Talavera ceramics are well-known but like everything else it's a tough time because things are bad in Spain with the crisis," Martin commented. "If this project takes off it could provide work for a lot of people."
The guitarist demonstrated the sound of the ceramic axe with a set of rockabilly chords alongside guitar maker Carlos Sabrafen, who described the entire project as "totally crazy."
Martin and co. are currently searching for a sponsor to finance the mass production, looking to ultimately sell guitars for a price of $3,200 a piece.

This isn't the first time guitar makers have tried to create a ceramic guitar. Builder; "Gabe Turow," built his first in 2009. Although Gabe's ceramic guitar has no pick-up, (and is not an electric hollow-body 335 style), you can watch his YouTube video below to hear the sound of Gabe's very basic ceramic guitar to get a concept of the sound. Unfortunately, Spanish builder Luis Martin has yet to post any audio or video online of his creation. Martin also lacks a website at this time as well.


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