DEBATE: Should 'Legal' Highs be Banned at Concerts?

 A coroner has ruled that a man who died at a music festival in the UK last year by slashing his wrists after taking a legal high. Daniel Parks, aged 35, took a substance called "Magic Crystals," similar to mephedrone, but had a serious paranoid reaction which led to his death, according to NME.

His wife Ceri who attended the festival with him found her husband locked in their camper van's toilet, where he inflicted fatal wounds on himself. He died later in hospital.

Daniels death may or may not be a rare case, but it begs the question:

- Should legal highs be banned at music festivals?

- Or indeed, should they be banned outright?

On one side, there's likely to be some incidents where people have a bad reaction. On the other, banning a substance can sometimes generate more interest in them, (and drive a black market - or prompt underground chemists to develop new compounds which evade the law).

 What's your view? 

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