Sunday's GuitarBlog Update... "Making The Diminished Scale Sound Bluesy"

The June 23, 2013 GuitarBlog Update Video will be covering
"Making The Diminished Scale Sound Bluesy"

This week's GuitarBlog will cover how to use the Diminished Scale to create interesting Bluesy guitar licks. The methods explained will deal with both, 'Blending,' the Diminished along with the Minor Blues Pentatonic Scale from the same roots, (i.e., using "A Diminished Scale" along with the "A Blues Scale" over an "A7" chord).

The second method will include performing the Diminished Scale from off of the 3rd chord tone of any Dominant 7th chord, (i.e., Over an "F7" chord use the "A Diminished Scale.").

Both methods will be fully explained and will have guitar lick examples demonstrating the effects of the application. An 'in-position' Diminished Scale scale pattern will also be shown on-screen during the video lesson.

All examples will utilize on-screen TAB and diagrams.

Thanks to Josh in Milwaukee, WI. USA for writing in with this weeks question!
- Andrew


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