Cool Interview: Martin Taylor and Tommy Emmanuel

Premier guitar sat down with guitar legends Martin Taylor and Tommy Emmanuel this past week to discuss their project, "Duo De Swing," (video above of them performing their tune, "Heat Wave." live in Dublin from the 2013 Colonel and the Governor tour).

Taylor and Emmanuel discuss the art of solo guitar, ’70s pop music, and why guitar education is near and dear to both of them. 

Since the first time they met, over 20 years ago in Australia, Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Taylor have shared many songs together—mostly in backstage jams and occasional sit-ins when their busy schedules would coincide. "Every time we would see each other we would say how we should record [an album] because we have a chemistry together," says Emmanuel. That chemistry is a rare thing between two established artists who aren't afraid of carrying the musical load entirely on their own. "When you're playing solo you have to cover so many things but you don't have to do that when you play with another guitar player. You can just lay out and play some single lines, or interplay between the two," states Taylor.

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