Alice Cooper on New Bands: 'They Usually Look Like Six Guys From the Mall'

Alice Cooper doesn't seem to be too fond of the trends a lot of new bands are following, and he's not afraid to say it...

What the singer can't understand is the fact that a great portion of upcoming musicians simply want to fit in with the crowd, lacking any interest whatsoever when it comes to stage theatrics.

"That's the one thing in rock right now that I don't get," ...Cooper told LA Weekly,

"I don't get why so many younger musicians these days want to be in folk-rock bands. I'm 65 and expecting younger guys to come up with new ideas, and I find myself more and more saying, 'This is it?'

"When I'm around most of these newer bands, someone has to tell me they are a band because they usually just look like six guys from the mall. I don't understand why someone that is young, and has the leeway to let it go, doesn't take advantage of it! But, if that whole generation wants to be boring, then - whatever."



  1. Guys from the mall? Isn't that a Steel Panther line? (Check out "Death to All But Metal."