The Chords of "Smooth Jazz" - Part One

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question...

Q: Can you do a video that looks at the really cool sounding chords played by guys like Larry Carlton and Lee Ritienour? I always hear them in the smooth jazz tunes, and it sounds like you play them in your music too. By the way, how can I buy your album? I looked on your website and on iTunes, but there are no digital downloads for your stuff?
Reno, NYC

The chord types used in this style of music are mostly triad with a bass note style. I cover a number of the most popular types used in the video lesson. Visit the Creative Guitar Studio website to get a FREE chord handout PDF for this video lesson.

Follow the link below to get - Part Two - of; "The Chords of Smooth Jazz Guitar"

My Instrumental Smooth Jazz CD is available from off of my website as a digital download.


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